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college sounds fun and all but i’d rather embark on my pokemon journey

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so what exactly have you been studying college dear friend?

I’m still trying to figure out who you might be lol.
It’s only getting tougher, realizing all the people I come into contact with.

Buuuut then again, barely anyone knows my Tumblr, or that I even have one haha.

Well, I’m going into my last year for Human Biology. I assume you might know where I go for studies anyways.
It’s not exactly the major I’ve dreamed about, but like one of my favorite authors said: It’s like “shoveling snow.” Nobody likes or loves to do it, but it damn well is useful to get places.
So I’m just hoping I can merge my way into the field of mechanical engineering, if not something along the lines of performance modifications and all. Maybe even custom fabrication, but that’ll be a while out.

I’m still trying to build a drift car haha. This Supra ain’t no joke when it comes to being a money pit lol.

Soooo yeah.

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